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Instructions for ordering interpretation

For the tarot interpretation, I will need your first and last name, as well as the dates of birth (yours and the person you are asking about).


Video I send via a protected link, and only you will be able to open that video, after I send you the link. Audio responses to email, viber and whatsapp.


Send me questions by email, viber or whatsapp, with dates (yours and the person you are asking about), and after you make the payment I will send you the reading within 7 days (due to the volume of work, that is the deadline) from the payment confirmation. It's best if you send me a photo of the payment so that it doesn't have to be credited to the account, so that the day of the payment can be counted in time.


Purpose of payment: Donation for free content of the YouTube channel "144 Tarot".

Thank you for supporting the work of the YouTube channel "144 Tarot" with this donation and thus providing free content for everyone!

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