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Conditions for cooperation

By ordering a tarot interpretation/video-audio recording, you automatically agree to the following conditions of cooperation: That you are of legal age, as well as that you are able to make decisions independently without anyone's help and necessary consent; That you will not misuse personal data from our correspondence; That you will wait for the specified deadline for the delivery of the reading without asking "is my video coming today?..." because it interferes with my work. A refund is possible only if you do not receive the video within the specified period, within 24 hours of the deadline; It is my duty to send you, after payment, the tarot interpretation specified by the order in accordance with the order. Interpretations are affirmative. There is no guarantee that tarot readings will work. Also, tarot readings are not a substitute for professional advice and help (medical, legal...). Each of us influences our own destiny and bears responsibility for our choices and actions. 

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